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Small Business Community Club

Small Business Community Club

Why join the club?

When you join the Small Business Community Club (SMCC), you gain access to numerous benefits.  You can choose from several plans with the benefits that suit your needs. Plans can include benefits such as road side assistance, ID theft , and a legal hotline often at a fraction of the price of what you would pay buying the service on your own.

We know you’re working hard and having perks, discounts, and useful resources can help you.



Can a business join as a member?

Yes.  We can create custom plans with additional benefits just for your company.  Contact us for more information.

Can an organization sell your perks and memberships under their own name?

We can create a tailor made package to your group.  For example, if you want to offer specific benefits such as discounts supplies, roadside assistance, ID theft, and other benefits, we can create a plan for you with your own ID card.

Can you co-brand?

Yes, we can create a co-branded sign up page and ID card.

Is this only for self-employed people?

No, businesses can join as well.  Each owner, partner, or employee of your business can also join.  If you have employees, we can help you with a package for your staff.  It’s a great way to offer additional benefits to your team.

You can choose from a free or paid membership.  A paid membership gets you access to additional services, many of which are provided by third parties at an amazing price.

Small businesses, non-profits, associations, and other groups can work with us to create a plan that is customized for your organization.  You have the option to co-brand with your logo and earn additional revenue as your membership grows.

Contact us

Ask questions here.  If you have a small business or group that is interested in creating an exclusive package for your members, let us know here.  If you are ready to join, click the join now button.